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July 14th, 2008 by Multimedia Mike

New format showcase time! Gregory Montoir contributed to FFmpeg a playback system for MVI files, which are a custom container for transporting Motion Pixels video data. Another format down.

Motion Pixels video codec in ffplay

It’s a little unclear how this format differs from the more familiar MVI1 and MVI2 codecs that are encapsulated inside AVI files. But this is probably a big step towards supporting those formats as well.

Peter Ross/Suxen drol is up to his old tricks by contributing a decoder for CMV files. Here’s what our one sample looks like:

EA CMV format -- NHL Hocky 95

After a brief hiccup, FATE is back online, and with some new tests: motionpixels and ea-cmv, for the formats listed above, and duck-dk4.

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