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Bad Compilers

July 11th, 2008 by Multimedia Mike

I had to disable the gcc-svn configurations corresponding to 32- and 64-bit x86 architectures on the FATE Server. When I upgraded the compilers to the latest ones from gcc SVN repository, the compiled results were hanging indefinitely in some cases (such as the HuffYUV regression test on x86_32). This makes FATE significantly less productive since the ‘make test’ test spec has such a long timeout. That reminds me of another reason why I wanted to split out those regressions into individual test specs.

It sounds bugworthy, as is the fact that the gcc-svn compiler for PowerPC has about a 50% chance of compiling FFmpeg without encountering an internal compiler error. It would be responsible of me to report these bugs to gcc. I think the main thing that stops me is that the guidelines for submitting gcc bugs are even more frightening than those for FFmpeg. The HuffYUV hang bug really scares me since it implies tracking down incorrectly compiled code.

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  1. Reimar Says:

    Can´t we get them to assign us our personal gcc developer to check and fix FATE svn gcc build problems? ;-)

  2. Reimar Says:

    And now it is again the only thing that is not green in FATE :-)