You’re Dead To Me, Gentoo

You crossed the line this time, Gentoo. I stuck with you through the tough times, even through this humiliation. But when you specifically tell me to do something that renders my computer completely useless, that warrants a big, sloppy, kiss of death. I might be able to recover from this latest disaster but why should I have to put up with it?

Dead Gentoo

The only question that remains is whether there is another Linux distribution that supports x86_64 as well as Gentoo. Maybe I should just run in a pure 32-bit mode. Stuff is better supported for x86_32 anyway.

4 thoughts on “You’re Dead To Me, Gentoo

  1. Corey

    “Humilation”? I was expecting some juicy details…. Can you elaborate? What exactly happened with Gentoo? :)

  2. yoshi314

    there are times when i also am pissed with gentoo. but what other distro can give me such a degree of flexibility and ease at the same time? (i mean from source, and i mean USE flags).

    sometimes i feel enslaved :] i don’t feel comfortable with any binary distro since gentoo, that’s for sure.

  3. Reimar

    Wow, the information level in this entry sure reminds me of some bugreports I have seen :-P
    Anyway I don’t use any 32 bit apps anymore, got OpenOffice compiled for 64 bit, there are real binary codecs (not that I really care) and I’m rather happy that I can’t see any flash content ;-)

  4. Robert Swain

    It would appear everyone is in agreement that your reason for ditching Gentoo should be shared. You’re too vague damnit! What did Gentoo ask you to do that would render your system useless?! :)

    I used to consider compiling from source pretty essential for getting just the features I wanted. After a while I thought about the time spent compiling source and the fact that most binaries contain most if not all features of the program. Since I’ve generally been using Ubuntu, because I’m lame and lazy. But it does what I want it to for the most part. If only laptops and MacBooks in particular were better supported, though that’s being worked on for the next release, and if only webcam support and software in Linux were better. For the moment OS X is treating me well for Skype video conversations.

    By the way, the penguin on its side – nice touch.

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