Pictures of FATE Machines

Apologies for not properly crediting ideas here: Someone once suggested that it would be useful to have a MultimediaWiki page that collected information about all of the various FATE machines, rather than keeping it in the central FATE database to be displayed in a very inept fashion through the main website. Further, someone (possibly the same person) thought it would be neat to have pictures of all the machines performing FATE duty. I have done both on the new FATE Machines page. Eventually, FATE will simply link over to that wiki page rather than its own internal page.

The machine shown above is pretty much the hardest working computer on the FATE farm. It sits on the floor of my living room and constantly churns away, rebuilding and testing FFmpeg for 22 different compiler configurations.

Other FATE machine administrators are welcome to edit their machine’s descriptions and upload pictures (provided they have physical access to their machines; I’m really not sure about the arrangements that some of you have).