FFmpeg in Summer of Code 2010

As with every summer since 2006, FFmpeg has been accepted as a mentor organization in Google’s Summer of Code. With the GSoC program, college students are able to earn up to $4500 for successfully completing a task for an open source project.

Visit this year’s FFmpeg GSoC page at the MultimediaWiki for more details. According to the program timeline, the student application process begins on March 29.

3 thoughts on “FFmpeg in Summer of Code 2010

  1. DonDiego

    Students can earn $5000 nowadays, not $4500 since Google now pays a stipend of $500 at the start of SoC.

  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    Thanks, Diego. Shows how much I have been keeping up with the program recently. Thankfully, there are many other FFmpeg devs who are overseeing the program.

  3. Tobias

    I’d love to see flashsv2 implemented. flashsv is cool because it is RGB. If only it were more efficient.

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