Museum of Multimedia Software, Part 4

This is the last part of the series, at least until some more multimedia software shows up at my favorite thrift shop or the other boneyards I scavenge.

Miscellaneous Multimedia Programs
This set includes the titles Matinee FMV Screensaver, MetaCreations Painter Classic, and Multimedia JumpStart. The second one is likely a creation program. I have no idea what the third one is, while the first title gives me chills just thinking about the implications.

Miscellaneous Creativity Software
Magic Theatre and Microsoft Home: Creative Writer. I think I loaded up the former once to find a very basic animation program. The latter isn’t necessarily multimedia-related but certainly classifies as creative software. It also reminds me of the ad I once spied in Entertainment Weekly magazine during the mid-1990s for a Microsoft music history CD-ROM. MS branched out into all kinds of niches.

More Multimedia Creativity Software
VideoCraft and U-Create Games & Animation. I wager these would be fun to play around with if I had the time.

Showcase CD-ROMs
“What Can You Make? Showcase 7” from Macromedia and Microsoft Multimedia Pack 10.

Basic Multimedia Software Discs
As a multimedia nerd, these Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Video for Windows discs make me sentimental.

Real Software Collection
Grit your teeth and gaze upon CD-ROM distributions of Real’s software. There is a RealAudio disc back from when Real still called themselves Progressive Networks. “Everything you need to hear the web roar!”

And a few multimedia clip CD-ROMs, along with a disc that promises to test and tune your MPC setup.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention a few more pieces of multimedia creation software in my collection. First, there’s the Barbie Storymaker. I actually gave that one a go, as you can tragically see from that link. Further, the Taco Bell fast food restaurant chain ran, as one of their many kids meal promotions, a series of 4 simple Comics Constructor CD-ROMs. I played briefly with it here and again during an exploration of XML data formats and the parsing thereof (which the software uses).