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Museum of Multimedia Software, Part 1

August 13th, 2010 by Multimedia Mike

Many years ago, I found a boneyard of old software, much of it related to the creation and processing of multimedia. I was permitted to liberate anything of my choosing from this cache. This is the same pile where I found this Apple QuickTime format spec as well as this perfect form factor floppy disc box. So I have been sitting on the stuff for awhile.

I thought I might get the chance to study it a bit more closely one day. But now I’m interested in getting rid of it. Before I do, it’s more or less traditional for me to photograph it and post it on one blog or another. Also, if you know of any software collection groups who would be interested in taking this stuff off my hands, do let me know.

As usual, click a picture for a much larger image.

Paracomp FilmMaker
This is easily the most distinctive piece in this collection and it’s easy to see why– the software is packaged in a film cannister. Still sealed, and I don’t have a good reason to open it now.

“The Professional Animation/Presentation Program for the Macintosh.” No copyright date on the packaging, though the front does mention a 1990 award. System requirements: Mac OS 6.0.5, 5 MB RAM, 32-bit QuickDraw, math coprocessor.

Strata VideoShop
Version 4.5 (and not for resale), still shrink-wrapped. “The Digital Video Editor for Creative Professionals.”

System requirements: PowerMac with 5 MB RAM (8 MB recommended), Mac OS 7.5.

BeatWare e-Picture
“The Professional’s Choice for Designing Animated Web Graphics.” Claims a best of show award for 1999 MacWorld New York Expo.

System requirements: PowerMac with Mac OS 8, 32MB RAM, 10 MB of HD space and a 256-color adapter.

BeatWare eZ-Motion
Another offering from BeatWare. “The fastest and easiest way to create animations and graphics for the Web.”

This one is for either Mac or Windows. 32 MB RAM and 25 MB HD space required. Works with Mac OS 8.5, 8.6, or 9.0, or Windows 98, NT, or 2000.

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3 Responses

  1. compn Says:

    doh! i was planning to collect all of my old free cds and iso or send them to you for multimedia analyzation.

    like those 100 demo cds they gave you with purchase of your new QUAD SPEED cdrom. or those buisness card cds you got with your pizza in 1999.

    all that multimedia technology, lost like tears in the rain.

  2. Multimedia Mike Says:

    It might be worthwhile to donate those old demo CD-ROMs to, depending on what they are, exactly. I’ve done that with a pile of old compilation/shareware CD-ROMs.

  3. Steve Says:

    Mike, that’s a great idea- Jason’s always happy to accept new material for the site.