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November 19th, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

Ian Farquhar expressed surprise the other day that anyone reads his blog. So I thought I would point out that his new blog is kind of nifty. I don’t know what backend software is powering the blog, though, and I’m mistrustful of all the Javascript goings-on. The page transitions frighten me.

My Nero logo

Anyway, he likes to talk about hard multimedia-type stuff. Which is apropos since he probably works for Nero (hey Ian: an ‘About Me’ page — about you — would do wonders). So you should check it out. We niche multimedia blogs need to stick together. I hope his blog stays fresh.

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  1. Ian Farquhar Says:

    Well, there’s a surprise! Thank you!

    The software is custom developed by Nero for their blogging site (my.nero). I’m a Nero MVP, so it’s convenient for me. It’s currently a bit limited, but changes are afoot, so I hope things will be getting better soon.