GCC 4.4.0

Someone notified me today that gcc 4.4.0 has been officially released. Then I went numb. Maybe it was the fact that I would have to compile it several times over for various configurations for FATE. Maybe it’s the fact that this portends a new round of compiler output benchmarks. But I think it might be due to the fact that I was negligent in investigating the fact that experimental versions of gcc 4.4.0 from SVN compiled on PowerPC have been producing problematic FFmpeg results for several months. The newly released 4.4.0 has the same problems.

I guess there’s always 4.4.1. Either that, or formal deprecation of 32-bit PowerPC.

2 thoughts on “GCC 4.4.0

  1. Reimar

    I can’t imagine that gcc 4.4.0 will work any better on 64 bit PPC…
    Anyway IMHO it is normal for x.x.0 gcc versions to have rather serious issues and anyone using them (unless they have _very_ extensive regression tests for everything they compile) likes living on the bleeding edge, literally.

  2. Hellfred

    It is a shame that this particular x.x.0 gcc has that much regressions, as the release of 4.4.0 was delayed for several weeks due to legal issus. So there was plenty of time for finding and fixing regressions…

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