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First Digital Pictures

November 22nd, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

If Michael can show off the very first pictures from his new digital camera, then so can I… where “new” is roughly July, 2003. I was organizing thousands of digital photos from the last 6 years and found what must be the first pictures from my current digital camera, based on the filename. And wouldn’t you know, the pictures were of felines:

Wide-eyed kitten

It’s all coming back now — I invested in the Canon Powershot S400 back when I was fostering a family of 5 kittens and their mother for the local animal shelter.

Scooter the kitten

So it has come to this– posting cat pictures. Eh, it’s a holiday. Above was Scooter. He was the bravest of the litter. This was feeding time:

Kitten feeding time

As you can plainly see, I’m not a very good photographer. Plus, I had a phenomenal amount of difficulty adjusting to this new camera, which was a substantial feature upgrade from the S100 I had purchased 2 years earlier. Many of my earliest photos can out very blurry or with saturated colors until I learned how the camera expected to be used.

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