Fine Storage Box

Thanks to my multimedia collection hobby I have a ton of CD-ROMs that I need to store efficiently. I’m partial to storing the bare CDs in a very particular type of plastic & cloth CD envelope. But for storing large amounts of CDs, the best method I presently have is simply to stuff them alphabetically into sturdy shoe boxes.

While scavenging someone else’s trove of discarded computer miscellany, I happened upon a box that appears to have the absolute perfect form factor for storing 3.5″ floppy discs:

Floppy Dom Perignon

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Floppy Dom Perignon

Now if only I had something that perfect for the 120mm form factor.

2 thoughts on “Fine Storage Box

  1. Kostya

    I use so-called spindle boxes (CD/DVD-R media is packed in them). That ensures compact storage of discs and I can easily find needed data (one box contains only Sierra games, one – from LucasArts and one all the others).

  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    That’s always an idea. It’s cheap and provides for reasonably simple re-alphabetization, though seeking may be sub-optimal.

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