Robert and Reynaldo are working on a multimedia investigation utility called Tarantula. The goal, as I understand it, is to be able to analyze frames from a video stream to determine more about their properties, e.g., RGB15 vs. RGB16, upside-down orientation, and other parameters. Sounds like the start of something useful.

The project made me realize that I would like a simple tool that could load a file and allow me to treat it as various different types of PCM. Actually, I can’t believe that there aren’t already a number of waveform editors out there, even for Linux, that can probably do just that. It might make some of my multimedia investigations simpler.

One thought on “Tarantula

  1. Robert Swain

    The idea is specifically to conduct basic analysis of raw video streams to discover their resolution and colour space. :) More features will be added as time goes on and the PCM idea was mentioned during conversation too, merely saying that the concept is transferable. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be expanded further if it’s going to be useful.

    We’ve progressed quite far in a couple of days but it’s a fairly simple exercise I suppose. I’ll be away for a few days traveling from San Francisco to Tucson, to Phoenix, to London, to Derby. Yippee. So it’s over to Reynaldo. :D

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