Duck TrueMotion 2 & Esoteric FLIC

Kostya has plodded through the long-open sourced, yet highly cryptic, code of On2’s VpVision and successfully reverse engineered a description of the Duck TrueMotion 2 video codec (fourcc: TM20). He then re-implemented a fresh version which is available in the FFmpeg CVS repository. Here it is in action, decoding the one known TM20 sample:

Final Fantasy - TM20

The video depicts something related to the unkillable Final Fantasy game series. The most famous application for the TM20 codec has been to encode the FMV in Eidos’ PC port of Final Fantasy VII. This game is known to use a bitstream-incompatible version of the TM20 format. So there is still some work to do on this codec before the Final Fantasy fanboys rejoice over being able to natively decode the FMV for this game.

Also, do you remember the basic Autodesk FLIC format? Did you know there are more variations of the format than you can possibly imagine? As much as I enjoy hacking on esoteric multimedia formats I just could not bring myself to care about these variations. This is mostly because I did not have sample files.

Recently, however, Steven Johnson has seen fit to implement several variations of the format including FLX and DTA extensions. The code is in FFmpeg’s CVS.