A Lot Of New FATE Machines

Thanks to Thibaut VARĂˆNE for bringing an incredible number of new machines to the FATE table:

  • PowerPC / Mac OS X
  • ia64 / Linux
  • PA-RISC / Linux
  • Sparc / Linux
  • Sparc64 / Linux

As of this writing, the Sparc/64 machine is having trouble getting its first results uploaded to the FATE server. Those will hopefully start showing up soon.

Right now, none of the ia64 configurations compile successfully. This is indirectly how Thibaut learned of FATE (via this Roundup issue). No configuration is too marginal for us to track as long as someone has the resources to continuously run FATE cycles. If this is ever in doubt, just remember that Michael K. is testing FFmpeg on (Free)DOS via FATE.

5 thoughts on “A Lot Of New FATE Machines

  1. Multimedia Mike Post author

    I have it on good authority that the zlib matter has been taken care of now and will be reflected in the next build. That always gets me on new installations as well.

  2. Michael Kostylev

    MAKE_TEST_COMMAND on ppc/macosx needs to be fixed.
    @Mike The default should be at least
    “make -C %s test” % BUILD_PATH

  3. Multimedia Mike Post author

    Yeah, the default make command will be fixed “in the next revision”, as usual. :-)

  4. Michael Kostylev

    On ia64 one could try:
    a different compiler (e.g. clang, open64, maybe icc);
    not to build shared binaries.

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