13 Architectures

An impromptu query from the FATE database:

mysql> SELECT DISTINCT(architecture) 
  FROM web_config_cache 
  WHERE revision IS NOT NULL 
  ORDER BY architecture;

This yields 13 architectures currently being continuously tested in FATE:

| architecture |
| Alpha        | 
| ARMv5TE      | 
| ARMv7        | 
| AVR32        | 
| ia64         | 
| MIPS         | 
| PA-RISC      | 
| PowerPC      | 
| PowerPC 64   | 
| Sparc        | 
| Sparc64      | 
| x86_32       | 
| x86_64       | 

I suppose it’s questionable to treat ARMv5TE and ARMv7 as truly separate architectures. Still, it’s not a bad list of CPU coverage. It makes me wonder how it stacks up to the Linux kernel in terms of CPU support. According to Wikipedia, Linux still has the advantage.

One day I’ll figure out a way to continuously test FFmpeg on a Hitachi SH-4 using my old Sega Dreamcast. That’ll bring us closer.

5 thoughts on “13 Architectures

  1. Multimedia Mike Post author

    Indeed. OS count is current 11:

    DragonFly BSD
    Mac OS X
    Solaris 10

    Although those last 2 don’t really count as separate platforms.

  2. Robert Swain

    This may be an ignorant question but, why 4 flavours of BSD? A similar questions with regard to Solaris 10 vs OpenSolaris though I suspect there probably some more major difference there.

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