Working With Git

I want to be responsible and organized as I develop the FATE Server. To that end, I thought it would be good to get all of the project source code into a source control system. Since Git is building momentum, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get my feet wet (similar to how this exercise has been a good reason to learn Python).

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I’m pleased to report that Git is performing admirably. It’s important to remember, however, that I have low standards when it comes to source control. Indeed, any SCM is equally adequate when you’re working by yourself on one machine. Git still keeps the easy things easy: git init, git add, git commit, git diff, git log; that’s as deep as I have delved thus far. At least I will have a baseline of experience for when I get actively involved with a project that uses Git, which is where many would like FFmpeg to go one day.

4 thoughts on “Working With Git

  1. Robert Swain

    I’ve been working on some notes for what I considered useful obvious things to do when using the FFmpeg git repository. I didn’t do anything about setting up a git repo but I was interested in managing a series of patches to be applied in order and things like that, as that is how development generally goes, especially in FFmpeg where cosmetic and functional changes must be separated. I’ll put them up on the wiki under the name ‘basic git usage’ or something.

  2. Reimar

    I added a tiny Guis and helper scripts section. Feel free to move it around, not sure what the best place is for it.

  3. Robert Swain

    And I changed the wanted section and merged it with the ‘working on a series of patches to be applied in order’ section. ‘git-rebase -i’ is awesome.

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