Who Is This Guy?

Hi! My name is Mike. I do a lot of multimedia technology hacking. I have an entire website dedicated to this pursuit, which is probably how you got to this blog in the first place. I spend a lot of time thinking about multimedia technology and helping to make sure open source software can play all kinds of common and obscure multimedia formats. Strange enough hobby, but it keeps me off the street and out of trouble.

After doing this multimedia stuff long enough, I actually got invited to a technical conference to talk about this stuff. I gave 2 presentations at The 2nd Swiss Unix Conference in Zurich, Switzerland in early September, 2004. The first presentation was entitled “Multimedia On Unix: Past, Present, and Future”. The slides are available here. However, slides never make much sense by themselves. So, if you have a fair amount of download capacity and about an hour to kill, you can watch or listen to this presentation by downloading the .AVI or .MP3 files from here.

The second presentation was entitled “Trash Multimedia And The Evolution Of Full Motion Video”. The slides for this one are available here. There is no video for this one which is probably good because it was 3 hours long. This presentation was not specifically Unix-related but just showcased a lot of different examples, good and bad, of multimedia technology I have encountered during my studies. Eventually, I may do write-ups of some of this multimedia in this blog.

4 thoughts on “Who Is This Guy?

  1. Axel


    i am currently developing a software based on ffmpeg.
    Because i want to test this software against as many video format files and codecs as possible, i am currently looking for test material, by which i mean downloadable video files in as many formats as possible.

    Do you know a repository for such files?

    I ask you, because someone on the ffmpeg devel maillist propsed your site to me in this context.



  2. Philip Eddolls

    Hi Mike.

    Im a filmmaker, and i need you help finding out how I can create video encoding errors, on purpose.

    here is what i mean.

    I want to fool around with the video image at this level.

    This is what i think is going on. They have combined the compression information from one video onto another videos image. Please, Steer me in the right direction, how could i even open the dark innards of a video file and start messing with it?

    anything will help.Thanks for you time.

    here is my work.

  3. Bill Ware


    I came across your blog and website in my search for someone who might be helpful to us. We have an online property http://www.thebowlchannel.com that streams video and audio files. It is configurable with…

    ffmpeg / ffmpeg-php

    We need to have all of those encoder tools properly configured on our site to ensure that all video and audio formats can be successfully encoded onto the platform. Is there any way that you can help us in this effort. Will look forward to hearing from you soon…

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