What A Nerdy Place

It’s a nerdy place to live, this northern California region commonly known as Silicon Valley. In 20 minutes of driving around on a Sunday afternoon, I saw the license plates ‘UID ZRO’ and ‘GNU FAN’. For fun, I searched and found a reference to a ‘UID ZRO’ license plate. The post refers to a truck, but it was also written 9 years ago. I guess that’s the kind of vanity plate that one holds onto. However, the blog’s picture depicts the Atlanta, GA skyline. This would imply that there are 2 different geeks in 2 different states that had the same geeky idea for a nerdy license plate.

Then there was the time I saw the Ferrari in this region with the license place ‘TREO’.

And while I’m rambling about geeked-out license plates, I would be remiss if I did not mention once seeing ‘666-FSF’ in my old town. It’s highly likely that this was just a standard issue sequential plate that had an unfortunate number. But there’s also the outside chance that the automobile owner wanted to make a statement about the Free Software Foundation.

5 thoughts on “What A Nerdy Place

  1. StefanG

    That reminds me of my first workplace, a company working with conditional access stuff for PayTV. On the road in front of the company there was regularly a car with license plate MO-SC, which was the name of the ‘cracker’ scene at that time, “Modified Original SmartCard”. But we never met the owner :)

  2. Ramiro Polla

    In Brazil license plates are 3 letters and 4 four numbers. If I ever get a car I’ll try to get LZW 1984 =)

  3. Robert Swain

    A sysadmin at my Uni had ‘C0L1NUX’, just because it had ‘Linux’ in it. I informed him that Colinux was actually a program to run Linux in windows at the time. He said that was OK. :)

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