Towards The Next FFmpeg Release

The FFmpeg team is still very much committed to making a formal release, and soon. Originally, the release was slated for this weekend. Some problems with the bug database made it difficult to host a major bug-fixing initiative as planned last weekend. So the current plan is to go on a binge bug-fix this weekend and hopefully release next weekend. The release has waited this long, so what’s one more week?

Meanwhile, things are going great with automated testing. Thanks to much discussion and determination from quite a few people, the entire regression suite passes, at long last, on more configurations than ever before, giving FATE a more solid baseline for continuous testing. Most notably, the regressions pass on 32- and 64-bit Mac OS X, 32-bit icc (Intel’s C compiler), and PowerPC/Linux when using gcc 4.0, 4.1, or 4.2. 4.3 still presents a problem, while the SVN versions of gcc for the PowerPC have been messed up for months. I’m really not sure what to do about that. Further, I see that gcc on PowerPC 64 suffers from a colorful variety of random problems (sometimes the compiler even comes up with an internal error, and we’re not even talking about the SVN versions of gcc here).

Still, things are looking up. Also, according to my tally on the FATE test coverage page, FFmpeg supports 501 muxers, demuxers, encoders, and decoders. I don’t have to tell you that nothing else comes close.

4 thoughts on “Towards The Next FFmpeg Release

  1. Reimar

    Not sure what is up with PPC64, if it wasn’t almost only the gcc 4.3.1 I’d suspect a hardware issue. Admittedly 4.3.1 is a bit outdated though and one of those versions I remember as a bit more buggy, even on x86…

    @Carl Eugen:
    The test does not run at all, at least not far enough to produce output. E.g. a crash due to alignment issues can cause this I think.

  2. Vitor

    Did you considered adding swscale-example as a FATE test? It should be a pretty extensive test of the scaling framework, I just don’t know if it is bit identical by now…

  3. Multimedia Mike Post author

    I’m not familiar with swscale-example. I’ll look into it and see if all of my configurations agree.

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