Status Report

First off, check out Benjamin Larsson’s new blog: Random thoughts and random numbers. Benjamin is one of the open source community’s resident experts on perceptual audio coding concepts. His blog tracks items toward that end.

When I have time, I have been working on the Hachoir project. I finally contributed a parser for the ultra-fringe Spider-Man BIN format that I discovered a few weeks ago. Hey, it’s a start. As soon as I get the hang of the architecture and Python in general I can picture myself contributing a crazy number of format parsers.

As if I don’t have enough old CD-ROM games to process, I have taken to hunting down entire lots of CD-ROM games on eBay. The strategy is working well as my first lot just arrived. Now I have 50 more games to process for my Multimedia Exploration Journal. I just hope I have the opportunity to process them sometime before a year transpires.