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SDL Corruption

February 21st, 2006 by Multimedia Mike

Pursuant to Alex’s challenge to write a Unix player for Trixter’s 8088 Corruption data file, combined with an interest in re-learning the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) API, I wrote a basic program that takes said data file, a font file, and the hardwired colors in the CGA card and renders the video using SDL. I don’t think the font vectors I scavenged are 100% the same as the ones in Trixter’s IBM model 5150 PC:

Eiffel Tower Breakdancer

In particular, I’m not sure about all of those box characters. I think the box is supposed to be one flat color. Anyway, here is another shot, only from the “Tron light cycles” section of video:

Tron Light Cycles

Followed up in SDL Corruption Corrected.

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  1. Jim Leonard Says:

    You scare me. :-) Colors and fonts to follow shortly in email to you.