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Robots Of The 80s, Part 8

March 6th, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

Here is a grab bag of miscellaneous Transformers. First is a group of Autobots:

Miscellaneous Transformers batch #1, transformed form
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The 3 rightmost Transformers fit better into my discretionary toy budget which is why I tended to accumulate more of them. The 2 of the left (one of which I couldn’t figure out how to fully transform anymore), if I recall correctly, were some sort of special mail order Transformers. I could be mistaken.

Miscellaneous Transformers batch #1, robot form
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And a group of assorted Decepticons:

Miscellaneous Transformers batch #1, transformed
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I had one of the various Decepticon jets (Dirge, I think) and it was hard to keep him altogether through the years. I had one of the six green Constructicons. The automobile was one of the 5 Decepticons that formed into a much larger robot, the Motorcons or some such.

Miscellaneous Transformers batch #1, robot form
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5 Responses

  1. Phil Says:

    Part *Eight*??? :-)

  2. Multimedia Mike Says:

    Oh, there’s more. :-) 10 parts in all.

  3. jazz Says:

    awsome can I have them hha joking

  4. Juan Pa Says:

    The name of the last decepticon group is combaticons
    in these combaticos join together in bruticus! :, well that’s i’d remember!

  5. mathewignash Says:

    Autobot Names:

    Red Car – Overdrive
    Silver Car – Camshaft
    Tan truck – Outback
    Blue truck – Gears
    Orange truck – Huffer

    Decepticon Names:

    Red jet – Thrust
    Tan truck – Swindle, was a Combaticon who joined to form Bruticus.
    Green scoop loader – Scrapper, combined with the Constructicons to form Devastator.