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Robots Of The 80s, Part 7

March 5th, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

The 6-changer! A rare species indeed– a Transformer that can actually change into 6 different things. This is the Autobot 6-changer. I believe that the Decepticons had one as well. Here, kitty:

6-changer, cat form
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One of his 6 forms was a mechanized feline of some sort. I don’t remember this robot’s name but I think “cat” figured into it in some way.

The drill configuration:

6-changer, drill form
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The 6-changer’s actual robot form:

6-changer, robot form
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And the tank form.

6-changer, tank form
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…and… that’s all I could sort out at the time of the photo shoot. So the remaining 2 forms are a mystery. This Transformer remains in great condition due to the fact that I obtained it for my birthday in spring of 1988, near the tail end of when I stopped caring about toy robots and started caring more about computers and programming.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    He has a “speed boat” as well as jet and a gun form.
    The gun is simple: take the drill form, tuck his head toward his chest, and stick the guns onto the drill.
    Congratulations: you now have the poor man’s version of SIX SHOT. (an earlier, Decepticon version of Quick.. something)

  2. Juan Pa Says:

    The version in ebay:

  3. mathewignash Says:

    His name is Quickswitch.

    If you want to hear an Audio story with pictures about Quickswitch, listen here: