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Robots Of The 80s, Part 1

February 27th, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

I grew up in the 1980s and as such I still have a box of toys leftover that I’ve ferried from one residence to another ever since I left the parents’ nest. Mostly, I was obsessed with all manner of robots in the same way that I am obsessed with multimedia hacking these days. Anyone who still hangs on to boxes of paraphenalia from their youth occasionally entertains the idea that these old toys might be worth something these day.

I pulled out my box of robots from the 80s recently and quickly disabused myself of the notion that any of this junk could be worth anything. In fact, I resolved to dispose all of it all just as soon as I exercise my reprehensible photography skill (or lack thereof) to capture them all in a more efficient form. And since this is my blog, and I haven’t had that much to say about the blog’s chartered topics lately, I will document the robots here, in case there is anyone else out there who cares. Plus, maybe someone else can identify some of these robots that I used to be keen on but can no longer positively identify.

I’ll start with some Transformers, always my favorite robots. Here’s Megatron, the villainous Decepticon leader who looked ever so menacing in cartoon form but looked somewhat silly as a toy:

Megatron -- robot form
Click for larger image

He was a Walther P-38 when transformed. I didn’t even understand what “Walther P-38” meant until a few years ago.

Megatron -- Walther P-38
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I can’t forget Wheeljack — he was the first Transformer I ever got, for Christmas in 1984.

Wheeljack -- robot form
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And his car form (back when “Autobot” meant something). Rear spoiler has gone missing over the years.

Wheeljack -- car form
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I think these dudebots were called Jumpmasters. There were only two of them as they were both Autobots.

Jumpmasters -- robot forms
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One was supposed to be a jet craft and the other a drill. Their gimmick was that you could pull them back on a hard surface to wind them up, let them go, and they would race forward, flip, and transform. It usually worked, too.

Jumpmasters -- transformed
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Astrotrain, a Decepticon Triple Changer. Quite the value-add vs. the typical Transformer with only 2 forms. This is his robot form, though I’m pretty sure that his legs were supposed to split and the shuttle tail on his chest was supposed to swing through his crotch and up to his back.

Astrotrain -- robot form
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Astrotrain as a sinister-looking space shuttle:

Astrotrain -- shuttle form
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Astrotrain as a choo-choo:

Astrotrain -- train form
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Plenty more robots on the way…

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6 Responses

  1. mark Says:

    haha. I had forgot about ‘triple-changers’, very cool to reminisce.

  2. Diesel Says:

    WOW…I useed to have Astrotrain, he was one of the greatest Transformers ever!
    I miss my toys.

  3. LSL Says:

    Brilliant article :)
    I can help with the identifications of the Transformers, if you want. Just email me.

  4. Multimedia Mike Says:

    Sure! If you would like to name the various Transformers, go ahead and post them in the comments of the various articles. Thanks.

  5. Juan Pa Says:

    Great ARticle, i’m from Guatemala, Central America, I’m big fan of transformers, i’d like you 80’s robots section! great job!

    Me gusta mucho, Felicitaciones!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    the shuttle tail, was suposed to split open and be on the front of Astrotrains chest almost like a set of wings