Random Multimedia Noise

It’s always interesting to learn what search strings are driving traffic to this site. It seems that “vp70 codec” is beginning to supplant search terms related to On2’s VP6 codec. This could mean that people are beginning to encounter VP7 files in the wild.

The search string “how to play vp6 movies in ea games” has come up. This leads me to believe that some Electronic Arts titles are employing On2’s VP6 codec. Some of their development groups have seen the wisdom of using Ogg & Vorbis for audio. I wonder if they have looked into using Theora for video?

“ethical reverse engineering” has turned up in the search logs, much to my surprise. I encourage you to Google the term, though; it brings up some interesting stuff.

“omelettes” and “making omelettes” continue to be strong search terms. I have taken a bunch of pictures of my own omelettes for my food blog, Infinite Flour, but have not posted them yet. It does not help that omelettes are not very photogenic.