Peak Codec

One day, I saw Suxen drol create a new page on the MultimediaWiki discussing something called the Peak codec. I was about to scold him for not uploading and linking to samples for this codec until I read closer. The Peak codec seems to refer to a theoretical best possible codec. Could such a beast really exist?

Based on everything I’ve read, perhaps On2’s VP8 is the Peak codec of lore: All things to all people.

3 thoughts on “Peak Codec

  1. Tom

    The article doesn’t seem to be about the best possible codec, but about the peak in codec discovery, when the rate of new codec discovery will be at it’s highest level.

    It goes on to say that the peak might have been around 2003-2005, and that “this phenomena has forced reverse engineers to seek unconventional sources of codecs, including those found in computer videos games”.

    I’m much more interested in your interpretation, though; what’s the theoretical best possible codec (or compression rate), and are we at a point where new codecs will only feature ever decreasing improvements upon older ones ?

    I’d love to hear your ideas about that in a different post !

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