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I started a new effort tonight: I created a mirror of multimedia-related technical documents. I found some documents on my hard drive that have no official home on the internet. Further, it is entirely possible that other documents could disappear at any time. So I am maintaining this mirror. Plus, I have tons of webspace and bandwidth to burn with my hosting plan.

The Wiki page will maintain links to both local mirrors and official links, if official links still exist. The primary Wiki page for a particular subject should link to the official link if it exists, and have a note about the local link as well.

So if you have any orphaned documents laying around that belong on this mirror, please let me know. Things such as MPEG drafts have always been fair game; final MPEG drafts — the kinds for which currency must be exchanged — are not acceptable.

3 thoughts on “Multimedia Document Mirror

  1. Headpolice

    Hi there, I saw your blog while looking the Duck TM1 codec, which appears to be almost a fetish for you! ;P. Anyway, I just wanted to know how’s that going. I wanted to add subtitles to the videos in “A Puzzle of Flesh” for years now, and on the web I’ve only found a newer version of the codec (TM2, I think) that works but can only compress videos in 24 bit, I believe, producing the game to crash. So I’m looking forward to see if you can come up with something.


  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    FFmpeg’s Duck TM1 decoder ought to be able to decode the videos from A Puzzle Of Flesh. I have seen it in action.

    However, are you looking to be able to decompress the videos, add subtitles, and then recompress the videos so that the game will play the videos with subtitles? That would be a challenge and would entail crafting a new Duck TM1 encoder.

    Either that, or write a new game engine to play the data files. That just might be easier. :-)

  3. Headpolice

    Yeah, I’ve actually thought about that. I can extract all resources from the game, and the good thing is that using a new engine, I can compress the videos so that the game can fit in like 2 CDs. But you know, it’s a lot of work ;P. Besides I’ve never actually scripted anything in my life, although Wintermute’s scripts doesn’t look too complicated.

    Anyway, thanks!

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