Madcow In FFmpeg

Suxel Drol continues his relentless quest to add all Electronics Arts multimedia formats to FFmpeg. The most recent fruit of this labor is the Madcow video decoder.

Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit -- Madcow video in VLC

The test spec is ready to go, as is another test spec for a new demuxer named QCP.

Speaking of that QCP format, that comes courtesy of Dark Shikari, toiling away at his new gig over at Facebook. Facebook, he informs us, might just be the largest user of FFmpeg. They have quite a few members uploading random multimedia files which presents just as formidable a challenge as Picsearch. QCP is just one of the (formerly) unknown formats encountered.

Oh, and I also found a way to fix that pva-demux test that has been failing for over a week. We should have a greener baseline now.