Lossless Audio Blogging

Karim sends word of a new lossless audio codec under development. The codec is wryly and appropriately entitled Yet Another Lossless Audio Codec (YALAC) that was originally named TAK. I had that backwards: YALAC was renamed TAK. Obligatory new MultimediaWiki page.

That’s not the most interesting part of Karim’s email. His email notified me of this post which was the first indication I received that there is a entire weblog devoted to lossless audio coding — The Lossless Audio Blog! And I thought this blog was niche. The blog’s sidebar mentions Sony’s ATRAC as being lossless, which I was unaware of (rather, a different variant called ATRAC Advanced Lossless). Also, DTS-HD and Dolby True-HD are listed as lossless codecs.

It’s amazing how much activity there is in the lossless audio codec field. I’ll be keeping an eye on that blog, as should you, the multimedia tech enthusiast.