A Game Each Day

I have embarked on an ambitious new project, with a new blog to match: Gaming Pathology. Remember all those games I have picked up on the cheap so I can study their multimedia? I have managed to amass in excess of 500 games. I decided that this year I would try to play one of them each day. My early focus is on games that are missing data from the MobyGames database. As vast as the database is, I still have at least 80 games out of 500+ that don’t exist in the tables at all. That fact is changing steadily.

Anyway, I thought it would be pertinent to announce the Gaming Pathology blog here since I know that this blog has readers interested in game hacking. Sometimes, my reviews on the new blog include theories or empirical evidence of the underlying technologies, algorithms, and formats that the games use.

And lots of pretty screenshots and videos as well.