Licensed Schlock

While browsing at a Salvation Army store this past weekend I found a bin of old CD-ROMs. Naturally, I just had to get a few. Actually, I probably would have taken most of the bin if the merchandise was less than a static $2 per disc. But there was at least one disc I just couldn’t pass up– a Taco Bell-themed computer game. Tek Kids something or other, and disc 2 of 4 to boot. It likely came with a children’s meal for little or no cost above and beyond the cost of the meal. This means I probably paid more for it than the original customer did. Still, I look forward to seeing what the thing is all about.

I also recently learned that Burger King is running a promotional Xbox game tie-in where customers can purchase one of 3 BK-themed Xbox/Xbox 360 games for a nominal price in addition to their meal. Collect them all!

This all reminds me that I have a pile of licensed schlock game titles to review for multimedia purposes, many procured from a variety of garage sales (and many which still need permanent homes is the MobyGames database). You-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it titles include:

  • Tek Kids Flash Ops– Mission: Polar Challenge (the aforementioned Taco Bell game)
  • Snowday: The Gap Kids Quest
  • Little Caesar’s Fractions Pizza
  • Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Presents: Rescue The Rusties
  • 13 Days of Halloween: Rhythm And Boos (breakfast cereal tie-in)
  • Cap’n Crunch’s Crunchling Adventure

Game backlog
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And this further reminds me what kind of a backlog I’m still looking at for my Multimedia Exploration Journal. Some people observe that I’m the only person they know that thinks it’s a chore to work through this many games; the only person who sighs and talks about how many games are yet to “be processed”.

It’s the path I’ve chosen.

2 thoughts on “Licensed Schlock

  1. Steve

    Probably one of the best of these licensed type games is Chex Quest. It was a total conversion of Doom, and was packed into (not surprisingly) boxes of Chex. It actually had a sequel.

  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    I knew that sounded familiar– I have Chex Quest on my master games spreadsheet as well, waiting to be examined.

    Silly though it may seem, Chex cereal actually has some great pack-ins. The very best Christmas music CD I have ever heard came out of a box of Chex cereal.

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