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Happy 20,000; New YouTube Engine

September 23rd, 2009 by Multimedia Mike

FFmpeg crossed the 20,000 commit threshold today. Mans captured the distinction when he submitted an ARM NEON optimization for int32_to_float_fmul_scalar(). Does that warrant a prize? Diego presented the statistics:

It took 7 years to get to r10000, but only two more to get to r20000.
FFmpeg is approaching warp 6 :-)

Today was also the day I noticed that YouTube upgraded their backend conversion system somewhere along the line. Nearly 3 years ago, I started poking at YouTube to see what kind of multimedia files it can convert and cataloged my findings at the MultimediaWiki.

Today, I was clicking around on some of my old videos and noticed that this video which came from an Ogg Theora source now looks correct. Actually, according to the comments (and I receive enough between all my videos that I rarely pay attention to any of them), this was working over a year ago.

It’s interesting to note that this means that YouTube/Google keeps all of the source material that users upload. When it was time to recode, they obviously had to go back to the original material.

I found that CSCD, KMVC, 3iv2, ZMBV, and VP6 video codecs all work; Vivo files, Westwood v2 VQAs, Real files with RV40, and the bastardized FLIC files from The Magic Carpet are all fine as well; Wing Commander III MVE files, id CIN files, and Interplay MVE files all transcode with audio but with either missing or glitched video.

Sorry if I seem a bit sentimental about this but it all still amazes me. When I was writing the bulk of the subsystems for all manner of bizarre formats circa 2001-2003, I never could have imagined that there would be a website that would take the weird video formats as input and convert them to a standard video format for anyone to view.

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3 Responses

  1. Kostya Says:

    Well, YouTube still can’t convert Wing Commander IV .avi files (Xxan codec) and that’s because of you!

  2. Multimedia Mike Says:

    I take full responsibility.

  3. lu_zero Says:

    =) for the next 10k will be a 4d dirac codec using a feeling wavelet that take the emotional emphasis from a scene as weight

    (Ok, too much coffeine better going back writing stuff and tracking ugly bugs in my code…)