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Free Games That Used To Be Commercial Games

November 17th, 2005 by Multimedia Mike

As I read new trivia additions on MobyGames, I see more and more bits about commercial games being open sourced. I figured that there must be some site out there that documents such transitions and lo and behold:

I wager there is some custom FMV code in there somewhere. We already know for a fact that:

  • Descent II source contains a 16-bit Interplay MVE decoder
  • Quake II source contains a Quake II Cinematic (.cin) decoder
  • Quake III source contains a RoQ decoder

A number of the games listed at Liberated Games are only free in that the binary executable and data are available, but no source code.

A few more items I would like to investigate:

Update: Trixter sends this intelligence about the titles above:

  • Hexen II — can’t verify if that’s video, but there are Animation credits in the game so it is probably yes. However, most times that stuff is a FLIC file. (BTW, don’t get all bunched up over FLIC — there are two main variants that are easy to support; the rest of all that junk was introduced and supported by only that one company you found the info on.)
  • Stargunner: same thing, most likely a 320×200 VGA FLIC.
  • H&D: no video as far as I know.

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  1. .... Says:

    hexen II simply had some sort of external intro video which could be watched from the autorun, and was a Smacker file….

  2. Multimedia Mike Says:

    Hmm, then it stands to reason that the Smacker interface code was excised before the Hexen II source was released. Thanks for the data.