FATE Software Ecosystem

Thanks to Vitor for taking my FATE Python script and modifying it to run an exhaustive series of Valgrind tests. He found and logged a series of issues in the FFmpeg issue tracker with this knowledge, and shared with me his method. It got me to thinking…

Can I now claim that there is a software ecosystem around FATE?

Anyway, once I finally get the infrastructure in place to run less frequent tasks, you can be sure this will be among the jobs.

2 thoughts on “FATE Software Ecosystem

  1. Vitor

    It might be a stupid idea, but is there any reason not to run the “less frequent tasks” continuously, but nice’d to a very low priority?

  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    I have considered that. However, I still don’t want every machine on the farm to be responsible for reproducing these same less frequent tasks. Especially not something like Doxygen generation.

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