FATE Compiler Updates

It’s compiler upgrade time for FATE. That means upgrading the gcc SVN snapshots for each of the platforms. Also, gcc 4.3.1 was recently released and using it fixes the FFmpeg regression suite that was previously broken on x86_64 when compiling with gcc 4.3.0. I am also taking this opportunity to upgrade the Intel C compiler to the latest (10.1.015). This is still in process and I hope it won’t be too painful (unpacking and installing a proprietary system packaged inside an RPM on a DEB-based system; managing licenses afterwards).

Also, all of the configurations now flex a wider array of options: –disable-debug –enable-gpl –enable-postproc –enable-avfilter –enable-avfilter-lavf –enable-shared. –disable-debug really keeps the build size down (handy since I have allotted precious little disk space to these VM build appliances). –enable-shared ensures that FATE is now testing shared library functionality. Further, libswcale is built separately in each command line, though not configured into the main FFmpeg build– I have been advised that doing so would louse the regression tests.

Anyway, this is all greatly facilitated by the fact that I finally got around to upgrading my private admin script so that I can actually edit build configurations through a web interface. It’s quite arduous to maintain this stuff through the MySQL command line console.

Oh wow– I just noticed that even the gcc-SVN build for x86_64 passes the regression suite. Good stuff.

3 thoughts on “FATE Compiler Updates

  1. Benjamin Larsson

    When do we get some history on the frontpage ? It would be nice to see some metrics also.

  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    What kind of history are we talking about? I already have the build history. I still need to implement a few lines of code in order to extend that to individual tests so that we can track test breakage.

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