Catchy Name

I’ve been working hard on the FFmpeg automated build/test server in the last few weeks. I’m planning new test configurations, plotting the specs for hundreds of different automated tests, and stabilizing the general infrastructure. But I’m missing something key– I don’t want to keep having to refer to it as the FFmpeg automated build/test server. I need a catchy name for it.

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Any ideas? I realize that free software types are not the most creative lot, but it’s worth throwing the question out there anyway.

7 thoughts on “Catchy Name

  1. Vitor

    Just a curiosity: did you try adding ICC to the list of compilers? Looks like a good what to avoid gcc-specific code in the tree…

  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    Good idea, Vitor. But a few questions: 1) Is ICC a free download? 2) Is FFmpeg currently expected to compile with ICC?

  3. Multimedia Mike Post author

    Thanks again for the tips. I will see about adding it to the farm. Hopefully, at least some regression tests will pass. Even if not, they will be useful statistics.

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