I recently learned of a low-cost, ARM-based board called the Beagle Board. I have been entertaining the idea of purchasing one for testing FFmpeg via FATE. It wouldn’t fit into the current FATE paradigm, though. I envision that another machine would have to cross compile the ARM binary and then tell the Beagle Board to execute the series of tests using the binary.

3 thoughts on “ARM of FATE

  1. Ramiro Polla

    I have one and the thought of letting it run FATE did cross my mind (but only after we are done with FATE on Windows). I lended it to someone for now, but I’m getting it back in mid-December.

    It might be a good idea to let it run the tests on Mans’ NEON-optimized branch instead of vanilla FFmpeg.

  2. Mans

    I have two Beagle boards, and I’m not using one of them much, so I could let it run FATE tests. That’s assuming you can fit a cross-compiler into the process somehow.

    The reason the NEON optimisations are not yet merged is that I couldn’t prove beyond reasonable doubt that further improvements are impossible.

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