Alpha FATE

Do you remember the DEC Alpha CPU? Måns Rullgård does. He still has his unit in service and running Linux. So why not run FATE? Just like FFmpeg supports impossibly obscure multimedia formats, why shouldn’t it also support CPU types of approximately the same prevalence? In both cases, as long as the support overhead is not too arduous, it’s not a problem.

What I’m saying here, in case I was unclear, is that Måns has an Alpha CPU contributing build/test results to the central FATE database.

In other FATE news, today was a very busy day. I carefully evaluated and entered 18 new test specs:

With this, I have eliminated much of the low-hanging fruit on the FATE Test Coverage wiki page. My excuses to avoid testing the more complicated (read: bit inexact) formats are dwindling.

Meanwhile, the front page of FATE is reaching critical mass. I really need to come up with a new presentation because the front page is getting harder and harder to digest.

5 thoughts on “Alpha FATE

  1. Robert Swain

    Maybe some javascript to make the sections collapsible that falls back to just displaying them all? That would compactify them a bit and you could always have the name/bar display the colour/error count of the worst item from that section.

    Maybe you could divide the visible bar into sections for each GCC and display their colours/error counts individually. That wouldn’t take up too much space horizontally.

    Also, I think similar archs should be grouped. That is, PPC, x86, etc. Maybe sorted alphabetically.

    Just some ideas. :)

  2. compn

    i had a dream that page would have a little green/red indicator of current fate status of ffmpeg.

    how hard would this be to implement?

  3. Multimedia Mike Post author

    I have considered how to express the “health” of the codebase via a single percentage. Obviously, I have a little trouble deciding on a formula. But I’m sure we could work out some cross-site communication that probably wouldn’t be a major security risk to either site.

  4. Multimedia Mike Post author

    The ea-dct test already testing the MDEC video decoder (custom EA container for straight MDEC data). But psx-str flexes the STR demuxer and XA ADPCM audio decoder as well.

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