Multimedia Video Codecs

This page discusses the technical details of a variety of production video codecs. The following table lists video codes alphabetically by first known FourCC.

FourCC(s) Document Description
8BPS 8BPS Codec Description of the 8BPS codec used to compress planar RGB video in Quicktime files.
ASV1, ASV2 Asus v1/v2 [HTML],
Description of the Asus v1 and v2 algorithms, very simple DCT-based codecs.
CRAM, MSVC, WHAM Microsoft Video-1 Description of a very old and rather simple video codec from Microsoft.
CVID Cinepak Description of the venerable vector-quantizing Cinepak codec.
CYUV Creative YUV Description of Creative Labs' own custom YUV format.
CYUV, CLJR, PIXL, VIXL, VCR1 Simple YUV Coding Formats This document describes a variety of simple YUV coding formats including Creative YUV, Cirrus Logic AccuPak, ATI VCR1, and Miro/Pinnacle Video XL.
DIV3, MP41, MP42, MP43, WMV7, WMV8 Microsoft MPEG-4/Windows Media Video This document describes the inner workings of Microsoft's series of MPEG-4 video codecs. This includes MS MPEG-4 v1, v2, v3 (a.k.a. DivX 3), WMV7, and a preliminary description of WMV8.
FFV1 FFV1 codec [HTML],
Description of the FFV1 lossless video codec which originated in the ffmpeg project and is based on arithmetic coding.
HFYU HuffYUV Description of the efficient Huffman-coded YUV format.
IV31, IV32 Intel Indeo 3 A few details of the Intel Indeo 3 coding format.
MSZH, ZLIB LCL Codecs Description of the Lossless Codec Library technologies, formed around open compression techniques.
QPEG, Q1.0, Q1.1 Q-Team's QPEG Description of the QPEG 8-bit codec.
rle, qdrw Apple Animation (RLE); QDraw Apple's RLE algorithm used in Quicktime files and designated by a lowercase 'rle'. Also covers the QDraw format found in Quicktime files.
RLE Microsoft RLE Microsoft's run length encoding scheme used in BMP and AVI (and even ASF) files, taken from Microsoft's own documentation.
RPZA Apple Video Description of the Apple Video (RPZA) codec, a computationally simple block-based codec used in Quicktime files.
SMC Apple Graphics Description of the Apple Graphics 8-bit block-based codec used in some Apple Quicktime files.
SP5x Sunplus JPEG Codecs This document contains details about the Sunplus brand of JPEG codecs.
SVQ1 Sorenson Video 1 Description of the Sorenson Vector Quantizer #1 video format used in Quicktime that took the world of downloadable movie trailers by storm in 1999.
TSCC TechSmith Screen Capture Codec Description of a simple lossless codec used for screen capture and animation applications.
ULTI Description(s) of IBM's Ultimotion codec.
VP31 VP3 Format Description of the bitstream structure of On2's VP3 codec streams and the process used to decode the format. Also, see description of Theora codec.
VP60, VP61, VP62 VP6 Overview (PDF, 271 KB) This is a link to a whitepaper that gives some details about On2's VP6* series of codecs.
VP70, VP71, VP72 VP7 Overview (PDF, 176 KB) This is a link to a whitepaper that describes surface details about On2's VP7* series of codecs.
Xxan Origin Xan Codec This document covers the video codecs used in certain Origin games, notably the later Wing Commander titles.

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