VP3 In The Wild

I can’t believe I actually found a usage of On2’s VP3 video codec in the wild– on a 2006 Windows game called Time To Ride: Saddles and Stables. The most amazing part about this is that software based on my FFmpeg VP3 decoder plays one of the files correctly while the official VP3 decoder installed with the game exhibits some serious bugs.

Official decoder, distributed with the game:

VP3 incorrect decoding

Same file, played with FFmpeg’s FFplay (it’s supposed to have a grainy film feel to it):

VP3 looks right

This makes me almost as proud as finding that an Apple QuickTime trailer for a particular 2000 movie that used to work in QT 4 was able to play with my xine QuickTime demuxer but not with QT 6. (To be fair, the same trailer works again under QT 7.)

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  1. Multimedia Mike Post author

    I’m still getting into it. I’m impressed by the variety of gameplay even if it’s not too deep.

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