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Video Ads In Magazines

August 21st, 2009 by Multimedia Mike

I am greatly anticipating learning more about how this technology works: Video appears in paper magazines. Copies of Entertainment Weekly (a U.S. entertainment magazine) will have small, presumably flexible screens that are supposed to be able to store 40 minutes of video. The magazines are slated to go on sale in Los Angeles and New York next month. With any luck, San Francisco (which I am near) may see a few as well.

Americhip Demo

The BBC article reports that the underlying chip technology is supposed to be similar to the stuff found in singing greeting cards. That sounds like an oversimplification. But the article also names the tech supplier– Americhip, the self-proclaimed leader in multisensory marketing. They have a YouTube channel with demos of this and related technology.

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  1. compn Says:

    sept 18th edition eh?
    might be worth it to pick up a copy.

    too bad it iz only going on sale in two markets