The Murder FILM

Do you have any idea who killed Jennifer Shefield?
How well did you know Jennifer Shefield?
What can you tell me about Jennifer Shefield?

Call me cold, but I just can’t bring myself to care about the above questions more than I care about what multimedia format is being used in an old Amiga shareware game simply entitled Murder, the demo of which can be downloaded in 11 .lha files from Aminet. LHA… does that ever take me back to the BBS days. That and ARJ.

Back to the format, though, it’s definitely not related to Sega’s FILM format (one of my all-time favorite formats). I think this may just be a series of Amiga IFF files with a header on them. This is because I see markers such as “8SVX”.

The files also contain curious advice about playback. Apart from a string that specifically stipulates “Motorola 68000 family”, there’s also this tidbit in the header: “Amiga Hint LIST subtype FILM requires that all CAT chunks are exactly the same size, start at long word boundaries (pad with filler chunks) and come one after the other right to the end of the LIST. Write to agmsmith at for more info.” I would email that address for the sake of due diligence but — darn — bad timing! CompuServe finally died just last week. The files were apparently made by a piece of software named AGMSMakeFilm which also seems to be available at the Aminet.

MultimediaWiki page and samples, naturally.

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