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FFmpeg 0.5 Is Released

If you’re reading this, the multimedia.cx DNS change has propagated, yet again, for another hosting service. But that’s a venomous tale for another blog post. FFmpeg v0.5 hit the web yesterday, right about the time that my new hosting service started having serious problems. Thus, I was unable to observe the occasion at the time.

FFmpeg logo

But now I’m able to let it sink in a bit more… wow. I can’t even remember the last time we had a release and to be honest, I don’t really want to look it up because it’s a little embarrassing to think about. Thanks to all my co-devs who made the release what it is. But thanks especially to Diego Biurrun who stuck his neck out and pushed hard for this release effort starting a little over a month ago. Somehow, we got the release out.

Rest assured, we are taking notes this time around in order to make the process easier next time around. This is the dawn of a new era of open source multimedia (here’s hoping, anyway).

Gaining Momentum

Don’t look now, but the idea of making a formal FFmpeg release in the very near future is gaining traction over on the FFmpeg-devel list. There is a determined and growing team of individuals committed to this goal in the near future. To that end, there is even a Wiki page listing the steps that need to occur leading up to a release.

There is some debate about what kind of release schedule we should commit to. Some take the stance that we should follow the model that Wine apparently follows by releasing every 2 weeks. Really, every new weeks? I had never heard of that before. It strikes me as a bit severe. I personally would like to see a little more time between releases, but see them often enough that we get really good at it, and it becomes part of our shared community mindset.

After all, there are a few projects out there that depend on FFmpeg.

I admit, whenever I get to thinking about an FFmpeg release, I get a little nervous about the ensuing discussion. Not the discussion about whether or not a release should happen; that’s a foregone conclusion because it will happen. No, the item that makes me lose sleep is the biggest bikeshed hue discussion of them all — how should we version the upcoming release of FFmpeg? I don’t think I even want to get involved in that one.