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Implementing The Re-targeter

It was nearly a year ago that I tried my hand at writing a re-targeter — a program that can take machine opcodes and automatically translate them into a portable C program, which certainly sounds simple and intuitive enough. I was really quite busy last year about this time and I don’t remember how I found time for the re-targeter experiment in the first place. But it looks like I had time to write up some notes that I never fleshed out and published. It was hard enough just to locate the old source code. I was completely surprised to find that I had actually managed to write the re-targeter in Python; I had no idea I knew so much of that language (which, granted, isn’t much).

Here are some of the problems I encountered when I took a stab at writing a re-targeter; let’s see if I can remember the specifics a year later:

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