You Can Stop Using The Reference Decoder Now

Thanks to Kostya’s diligent, Google-sponsored work, FFmpeg now has a native, open source VC-1 decoder module that is working quite well for most WMV3 media found on the internet. It’s working well enough that there should not be much good reason to be using my old convoluted process for incorporating the SMPTE reference VC-1 decoder into FFmpeg. There are some bugs remaining in Kostya’s code that he is quickly ironing out but it’s time to cut over to it, at least for non-x86 platforms. Some more advanced features are known to be missing. This is primarily because no sample media can be found that exercises those features. If you have some, please pass it along.

4 thoughts on “You Can Stop Using The Reference Decoder Now

  1. Kostya

    Those advanced features:

    B-frames (only one sample known, working on it)
    BI-frames (none samples are known)
    Spatial reduction (not encountered and I’m not sure it could be implemented in FFmpeg)
    Sync markers (not encountered)
    Support for old WMV3 (bitstream is slightly different there)
    WVF1 and Advanced Profile

    And for non-x86 planforms – well, it was developed under MacOSX on G4 but also tested under Linux/PPC and Linux/x86.

  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    I can certify that your decoder is working well compiled natively on x86_64 (Linux).

  3. satish

    Were can i download this latest release of ffmpeg having vc-1 codec support.. i am not able to download from the default links.. plz help me..

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