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SNOW Bounty

June 28th, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

People have often batted around the idea of offering bounties for FFmpeg work — a preset sum of money for a discrete set of goals. Lars Täuber is making a public offer for someone to complete a specific set of goals in order to bring FFmpeg’s SNOW codec up to 1.0 viability.

Wanted: SNOW
Thanks to Glass Giant’s Wanted Poster Generator

We have never done anything quite like this so this should be a learning experience for all of us. For starters, the person aiming for the 1200 Euros ought to be qualified for the task. Ideally, the individual should — at a minimum — perform a qualification task, similar to what we enforced with the Google Summer of Code this year.

Maybe we will eventually have a proper non-profit organization established in order to administer such bounty programs as well as escrow donations. In the beginning, though, if you are interested, check in on the ffmpeg-devel list and we’ll talk.

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2 Responses

  1. Lars Says:

    Hi there,

    I think it is not a good idea to link to my website, because the account on the server will be removed in autumn.
    It only was a first idea as an addition to the ffmpeg site.
    A link to the ffmpeg main web page might be better.
    Or someone sponsors a little space (3020 bytes) for the page.


    PS: I’ll ask the server admin for an acount extension.

  2. No title Says:

    […] Su desarrollo se ha estancado y quedan aspectos por definir.  Los desarrolladores han ofrecido una recompensa para quien quiera terminar la especificación de Snow pero hasta ahora nadie se ha […]