Roketz VQM

I’ve been on a gaming kick lately. I found a game in my collection called Roketz; the full DOS game can be downloaded from the publisher. The game has 2 files bearing the extension VQM that appear to be FMV files. Wiki and samples.

Roketz comes from a company called Bluemoon. According to their website, they’re also responsible for building the technological foundations for 2 well-known pieces of software: Kazaa and Skype. I’ve never used either, personally, but I understand that Skype uses a custom vocoder called SILK. Maybe Roketz and VQM is where the team got their start in codec technology?

3 thoughts on “Roketz VQM

  1. Mans

    I often use voice communication when I meet people. Only rarely do I need to switch to fist communication. Please do tell how skype can help me. Is it a universal translator?

  2. Benjamin Larsson

    The Bluemoon guys said they created FastTrack, a P2P protocol in the same sense as Gnutella, Direct Connect and Bittorrent. SILK is most likely spun from the connection Skype has/had with Global IP Sound.

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