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Robots Of The 80s, Part 4

March 2nd, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

Small grab bag of robots today. Here is a set of older Transformers remade as rubber figurines. I think these were packaged with later Transformers that I purchased. Or did they come with McDonald’s meals in the late 90s? I don’t remember exactly.

Rubber Transformers figurines
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I remember the code: Red = Autobot, purple = Decepticon. The figures from left to right depict a Decepticon jet Transformer (most likely Starscream), some Autobot, one of the Constructicons, and one of the Insecticons.

Here is a pair of cassette tapes (whoa! remember those? Vintage!) that transform into dinosaurs. I believe these were Autobots.

Transformers cassettes -- transformed as cassettes
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I recall that the Decepticons had an early monopoly on cassette Transformers and Soundwave was their host (the Autobots later had Blaster).

Transformers cassettes -- robot form
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This one is a real blur. At first I thought this was a Transformer. But I can’t find any Autobot or Decepticon symbols on him. He must have been of the Gobot line. It’s a transforming airport (!) and transforming jet fighter. I distinctly remember purchasing this set in the autumn of 1988 and was likely my final new robot procurement.

Airport transformed
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I couldn’t exactly figure out how the airport was supposed to transform. This is one guess:

Airport robot
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This is another.

Airport robot
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6 Responses

  1. Phil Says:

    On all the McDonald’s toys I’ve seen they’ve had a “(C)McD Corp.” or similar embossed somewhere–perhaps look at the feet?

    Or maybe it’s a more recent phenomenom?

  2. MonkeyVoodoo Says:

    Hmm, I remember the rubber transformers, I think they were packaged in with larger toys. but not from McD’s.

    And the Jet and mini play set is from the Micromaster Transformer line. The toy is called Airwave. There were a few play sets that each came with a mini robot. There was also a larger play set that transformed from an Apollo style rocket and launcher (similar to the large vehicle that moves the shuttle into the launching area) into some kind of base.

    Link above is where i found out the information

  3. Multimedia Mike Says:

    Thanks for the info, MonkeyVoodoo. And that encyclopedia you linked to is quite a resource.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    As a fun tidbit: I was digging in my attic last year and found some of the rubber Transformers. They had apparently “eaten” through some of my plastic Go-bots that were in the same toy chest.

    The toy chest is a plastic casket with a tight-closing cover. In a sense, this might have become an oven for which lighter, sturdier toys fought their way to the top. My attic is a very warm and stuffy place that has weathered years of such harsh conditions. When I went up to look for an old fan, I decided to open the casket for some nostalgia. The first thing I found was Grimlock embedded into a yellow plastic car.

    The rubber figure did not melt, the plastic car did. Or from my perspective, it looked like the rubber toy almost ate a hole through the plastic one. It even left a contoured dent.

    Now THOSE things were well built. And possibly poisonous. I soon put the rubber toys in a plastic box of their own so that they would do less harm. Although, now that I think about it, maybe I should have used wood…

    Oh, and those tapes were Decepticons.

  5. Godfrey Says:

    The tapes were Decepticons, Soundwave’s 2nd gen of tapes but I can’t remember their names though

  6. Multimedia Mike Says:

    I really thought they were Autobots, corresponding to Soundwave’s Autobot counterpart, Blaster.

    I never thought the day would come when I would lose all this knowledge; I used to have an encyclopedic knowledge of all Transformers at my disposal.