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Robots Of The 80s, Part 10

March 8th, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

This is the final entry in my Robots of the 80s series so it’s fitting that these are probably the crowning pieces in my soon-to-be-dispersed collection. At the very least, my enduring favorites.

There was a trend in the Transformers toy line to have a team of several robots that combined to form a larger and more powerful robot. In retrospect, this was quite a brilliant marketing strategy. The first such group of robots were the Constructicons — 6 green construction vehicles that all transformed into robots and then combined into — I think — Destructor. Afterwards, there was a team of jet craft Autobots and automobile Decepticons (turning the usual Autobot/Decepticon forms on their ear) which refined the combination model so that it now involved a larger Transformer which formed the mega-robot’s torso and 4 smaller Transformers as the limbs.

My favorites were always the Technobots and the Terrorcons:

Technobots vs. Terrorcons
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This is the Technobot crew, transformed as futuristic-looking vehicles:

Technobots, transformed
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The robot forms:

Technobots, robot forms
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And their super-robot form (I couldn’t quite get the legs attached correctly; I’m missing that magic, intuitive Transformer touch that only a child has):

Technobots, combined
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The Terrorcons, a number of beast-looking Transformers, including no fewer than 2 different double headed quadrupeds. I distinctly recall that the smaller yellow one was named Sinnertwin and the larger grey one — also the team leader — was named Hun-grrr.

Terrorcons, transformed
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The Terrorcons’ robot forms:

Terrorcons, robot forms
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And the Terrorcons’ combined robot form:

Terrorcons, combined
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Storytime: After I completed both collections, I played with them very intently. However, not long after the procurement, the head of the white land shark-looking creature broke off into the shoulder socket of the leader (that’s how they connected). Crushing. I bought a new arm creature, since he was relatively inexpensive. A new Hun-grrr cost significantly more, so I did without. Finally, around 2000, I got an intact, used Hun-grrr off of eBay. In 2006, I finally took the above pictures. Not a moment too soon because the second I was done and disassembled the big robot, look what happened to Sinnertwin:

The final insult
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4 Responses

  1. frank Says:

    tge same happend also to my sinnertwin

    i tried to change him from arm into leg mode (for Abomiuns)
    but the connector part was so hard stuck that it brock
    also the 2 hands brocke as i but in a weapon :(

    i repaired the connect : i opened the body and i enlarge the Body conection of the body to the connector/head-pard , than i used glue to repair the brocken Head conctor , then i put it in the body agian, (do not fatsen the srews very hard , so now you can used the conector and transfor hin in leg/ arms or robot)!!
    losser the the

  2. wewe Says:

    Brings back memories. I can still remember how my Technobots propelled my imagination.

  3. Jim Says:


    you may have already been told this, but for Computron, all you need to do is switch Nosecone and Strafe; it will stand up fine, then. The toys were modeled that way, unlike the Aerialbots or Protectobots, who you can interchange any of the four non-torso parts to be a leg or an arm. For whatever reason, Nosecone always has to be the right leg, Lightspeed the left leg, Strafe the left arm, and Afterburner the right arm (I think you can switch the arms, though).

  4. Multimedia Mike Says:

    Thanks, Jim. I honestly had no idea then up until now (though I’m certain I knew all about it when I was younger).