Reverse Engineering Cookies

No, not web cookies– the title refers to reverse engineering cookies and other recipes. I was browsing the catalog of the high-end Harry & David gourmet food shop– you know, the kind of stuff that looks so delectable but is so exorbitantly expensive that you would never consider buying it for yourself. I found these cookies called fruit galettes that looked absolutely delightful but were outrageously priced at $26/lb. They seem to have come down in price to $20/lb since then, which still seems a bit steep for what is apparently 2 round butter cookies glued together with some kind of fruit jelly.

Based on that RE analysis (butter cookies and jelly), I set out to recreate the cookie recipe myself. The reason I bring this up is because Valentine’s Day just came and went and that meant it was time for a big batch of heart-shaped fruit galettes!

See all the juicy details over at another of my blogs, Infinite Flour.

heart-shaped fruit galettes